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[IP] Nurses Training

email @ redacted wrote:
> how many years ago was this? and in what state?    and just for the
> record.......anyone can be trained, it doesn't require a diploma or license
> to do a trained task.  but educating a nurse is a little more
> involved........sorry if i sound picky, but i take offense to being
> considered a TRAINED professional that carries out tasks.

It's an old-fashioned term -- my mother, who earned her RN in 1933 (or
was it 1936??) always referred to it as nurses' training. 

I think this is really a semantics issue -- I hope no one doubts the
long hours of education and hard work of practice that goes into a
nursing degree. 

If it's any comfort, I've also heard people talk of teacher training too
-- I don't take offense, because I KNOW most people wouldn't last an
hour in my job -- and any time someone derides teachers, I invite them
to do just that -- they turn tail VERY quickly!


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