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Re: [IP] implantable insulin pump (at least 3 years down the roa

I was in a study with the minimed implantable pump from '89-91.  I was
in the first group to receive them at Johns Hopkins.  We didn't have the
sensor.  That was ultimate goal of the program, to have a working pump
that could eventually have a sensor added(We called that a closed loop
system) When the pump worked it was great, but we had trouble with the
insulin crystallizing and clogging the catheter.  I would go to the doc
once a month and get the pump refilled.  They would numb the skin above
the pump and then use a large introducer needle to access a port into
which the insulin was drawn in by the pump.  The insulin was u400 so
just a drop could be very powerful, this meant staying at the doctors
for about 2 hours to make sure we did accidentally get any subq insulin.

The pump was implanted under the skin, between the fat and muscle
layers, the catheter went from the pump into the paratanial (spelling)
cavity where it delivered the insulin just beneath the liver. We
programmed bolus delivery through a hand held remote control device.
This pump had square wave long before the 507c came out.  Basal changes
were made by the doc and cde via a Radio Shack TRS80 (that's right a TRS
80) that a antenna we held over the pump.

After 6 surgeries to clean the crystallized insulin I had to quit, but
when they finally work everything out this will be a great thing.
Personally however, I'm praying for the islet research to work.


dx'd '76 pumping since '86

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