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Re: [IP] In the heat?

On 10 Jun 99, at 7:25, email @ redacted wrote:

> Ellen,
> I'm presently pumping saline with the Disetronic.  I have a question for
> you. 
>  I went swimming 2 days ago (pump still attached) and have noticed a
>  "foggy" 
> area in the chamber where the saline vial sits.  It's been there since
> Tuesday.  I'm concerned because one of the main reason I'm going with D is
> because it's waterproof.  Any thoughts??????  Has this happened to you?	
> Fran

I Fran 

This is common, the reason that the chamber gets fogged is 
because water does get into the chamber mainly threw the two 
holes in the to of the cap.  The chamber is waterproof itself and no 
water can go from their to the important stuff.  the thing that i 
always do is just take the cap off and the cartridge out and lightly 
tap the pump in my hand to try and get the larger drops out, then i 
get a Qtip or a piece of napkin and move it around the sides of the 
chamber to get rid of the foggy appearance.  just be sure you don't 
cram anything in there (we don't want to get it stuck... hope this 
helps  (Disetronic pumper of 5 years). 

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