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Re: [IP] Meters...

As a Canadian, I too have never been given a free meter.  When all our US 
buddies were getting free FAST TAKES I called Lifescan and asked ever so 
politely, could this Canadian have one too, as I also test 8-10 times a day 
and would be faithful to their brand of strips forever.        Answer-we have 
no such program in place but you might be able to get one for $29.95 when 
they are on special.  BOO.  So I did buy one and am now trying to get the 
adapter for my intouch  hardware which I do really like for my Profile 
(bought with real (although some may not consider Cdn funds very real they 
are all I have to work with) cash) My self paid insurance will pay for strips 
(thank goodness) but will have nothing to do with the glucometer costs itself.
Although I did ask Lifescan through this org. to let me fill out a 
questionaire and get a FREE cookbook, but I did feel a little strange putting 
in my birthdate at 1940 since it was a kids offer.  What the heck.
I have just celebrated an anniversary, 7 years on the pump, 27 years diabetic.
Thanks all for the input on this program.  And thanks for the pump placement 
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