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Re: [IP] Active Duty Military and Type I



It's good to hear that the military is finally coming out
of the dark ages when it comes to DM.

Where are you based?  I live about 40 miles south of Hill
AFB in Utah -- planning on driving up there this weekend to
see the airshow and the Thunderbirds.  

I also have a cousin who is based at the AFB (Davis?) near
Tucson, Arizona.

Good luck in the rest of your military career.


--- William Bartram <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hey every I just found out that the Air Force is going to
> keep me Active
> Duty after being dx in Mar 99 for Type I.  I think the
> Military is changing,
> (a bit), to work with people with DM.  Just wanted to
> jump and shout
> alittle...
> Bill
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> thinking
> what nobody has thought.  --Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
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