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Re: [IP] Anyone Watch ER tonight?

On 10 Jun 99, at 1:08, email @ redacted wrote:

> it's an insulin drip.........which requires the pt to be in an ER/ICU/PCU
> setting.......and remember it's in the vein, not the SQ tissue.  also,
> they were probably talking about Regular insulin/vs. Humalog...........

Ah not all true.. first time Admitted for DKA i was admitted to the 
reg. MED/SURG floor on a drip.  it is different for every place.

i realize the route and all know it works faster  but infusing only 
about 5 units over 1 hour seems a to little (to me anyway) for a 
600+ BG...  but i guess that differs for everyone.  One thing they 
also did was the smell for a fruity smell on the Breath.. haha  i still 
have never smelled that personally get my sugar up that high have 
me throwing up and see if they think my breath is like a piece of 
juicy fruit.. 8)

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