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Re: [Re: [IP] Curious why -- attn. Doreen]

On 10 Jun 99, at 1:11, email @ redacted wrote:

> how many years ago was this? and in what state?    and just for the 
> record.......anyone can be trained, it doesn't require a diploma or
> license to do a trained task.  but educating a nurse is a little more
> involved........sorry if i sound picky, but i take offense to being
> considered a TRAINED professional that carries out tasks.

you have to remember that in different places (and times) nurses 
could be trained on the job. and receive a diploma to practice (i 
think thats what it is called) their have to take a test now but i don't 
think they did back when most of these types of programs were 
going.  Nurses now have to handle ALLOT more responsibility and 
knowledge about everything.. I remember one old RN telling me 
that in "her time" if a nurse was GOOD she may be able to hand a 
BP cuff to the Dr. ha ha

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