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Re: [IP] Re: damage from lows

On 9 Jun 99, at 21:57, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> >
> I had many bad seizures in 1988-982 and had a period of very severe short
> term memory loss (lasted short term, involved long term memory) after a
> particularly bad blackout.  My memory has never entirely recovered, but it
> has gotten much better.  Doctors explained it as the kind of neurological
> (brain) damage Michael describes here.   I did most of this reading in
> about 1993-5 so I have lost track of where it came fom -- some I got at
> the University of Virginia Medical School Library in 1991-2. There is
> documented evidence of insulin shock treatment provoking memory loss and
> certain kinds of motor coordination problems.   As he says, it does kill
> brain cells.  However, you have to have  pretty serious and sustained
> hypos.  The occasional severe low, even with convulsions and a seizure
> every gew years won't cause the kind of damage we're talking about.
AHh  i can see where damage can occur from that low i was 
mainly thinking you were saying lows like in the 30-50 range..  I 
can see that happening if you started to seize or passout..  we all 
require different amounts of sugar to run some (like me)  require 
less since sometimes i have been active and no symptoms or 
"clouded" thoughts at 29..  I wonder is this shows how many brain 
cells i am really running on ha ha..

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