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RE: [IP] alcoholic beverages????

I don't drink much either, but I do like a good night out now and again.
Since DXed in January I have realized I must cut out my 'usual' Southern
Comfort - for me it's like drinking a cup of molasses! Two shots will very
quickly raise bg's by some 150. I know we are all different, but is this
sort of rise usual?

I very, very seldom get drunk, but I do have a concern about social drinking
because of what might happen if I go low and have drunk enough to impair my

Question: If one drinks, such as Southern Comfort, is it considered
appropriate to bolus for it, (shot it my case at the moment), or is it best
to let bgs run a little high and then take care of it when in a more sober
frame of mind?

Any comments anyone .......


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