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Re: [[IP] what supplies should be carried with?]

Shawn Stalter <email @ redacted> wrote:
   This is Shawn Stalter, Kristin Zamora's husband and we were wondering
about what everyone carries with them all of the time and what you use
to hold the supplies. Her educator said that she has to carry extra
infusion sets, keto stix, needles, etc. How often is there an emergency
set change? Do you change out the set immediately when there is a
problem away from home or do you just take shots until you're back home?
>>>>>>>>> I always carry my glucose monitor with me, first and foremost. If I
am going some where close enough to home, that I can go back if a problem
arises, I don't usually take anything else. But if I am going far enough away
that it would be impractical or inconvenient, to have to go back home, I take
an extra infusion set, insulin, syringe, batteries, extra tape,ketostix, and
an alarm card. All of these items and a few extras, fit into a little blue
zippered bag I received from MM. It's not much bigger than a make-up bag. I
follow the same protocol away from home, if 2 unexplained BS readings over
240, inject and then change infusion set. I recheck within 1-2 hours. Good

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