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Re: [IP] Rash

Thanks Natalie,
 It could be just the tape.  It can get so itchy around where the tape is.  
and then Im affraid to it to infection.  I dont know which tape I like 
better,theres two different kinds.  (I usually always use both tapes, just to 
be safe)  Ill keep an eye out for this rash,happening again.  It looks like 
welts.  Im trying to 'rotate' from the areas I have used before.  But Its 
getting hard to find healed areas.  Ive been keeping my pump in a few days 
longer than usual, just so the other spots can heal.  But maybe me keeping it 
in longer,isint giving THAT area time to heal.  Well I got alot of learning 
to do.  Havent been on it long enough to know 'everything'.  I'll just take 
it a day at a time.
 The first day I was on it,i was told,to put it an inch or so above my hip 
bone.  I cringe when I think of it.  Isint that too close to your bone?  I 
now of course dont,because it bothered my hip area,now i put it around my 
stomach,(where its supposed to be:) Another thing I find,is that the area 
where the pump is,that its sensitive to when I move.  Am I doing something 
wrong?  Well enough of my talking,see ya...thanks:)
On pump for 2weeks or so now.
Been insulin Dependent for a little over a year.
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