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Re: [IP] Rash

email @ redacted wrote:

>  I have had a rash from where my pump was in me.  When I would move it would
> really hurt me,so at McD's I took it out.  When i took it out the infusion
> part was bent.  Anyways,  Its all red,and rashy looking.  It also itches,and
> is peeling in that area.  I dont know if some of the insulin had leaked out
> and had a reaction on my skin,or what.  If anyone can be of some help,or
> knows what im talking about please let me know.  Thanks.

There are 2 possible reasons for rashy looking skin problems. One is a
possible infection, and the other is an allergic reaction. 

I haven't had any infections (pumping almost 3 months now)(I've had some
irritations, but they've healed up just fine), but I've had some VERY
itchy allergic reactions to tapes -- they leave large red welts, bigger
on the edges than in the center, and itch like MAD!

I used hydrocortisone cream on the welts, but stayed away from the hole
where the set had been -- it helped a lot.

I don't know whether your problem is allergy or infection -- you might
consider showing it to your CDE.

Good luck! 
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