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Re: [IP] Active Duty Military and Type I

That's pretty funny cause they put my husband under a code C status because 
they say he has asthma.  Which a cardiologist said he did not have.  A 
cardiologist that the AF recommended he see to diagnose whether he had asthma 
or not.  I would think they would be more concerned with someone who has 
diabetes than someone who does not have asthma, but they think does.  I think 
the military just kind of takes the paper and spins it around while they 
close their eyes and when the paper stops they plant their finger on it and 
open their eyes and that is what will become of you.  They put him on a 60 
day hold for 9 months and finally told him after all his certifications for 
his job had run out that he wasn't going anywhere (he was trying to Cross 
Train into in-flight refueling).  Then they told him he could work on the 
ground in that field.  Tell me what in the Job Title IN FLIGHT REFUELER 
suggests there might be a ground aspect to it?  I am glad to hear they kept 
you active duty.  Are you on the pump?  If you are did they pay for it or do 
you have to pay?
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