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[IP] RE:IP:ketones

>>tell me of the significance of the presence
of keytones. I can always detect them when bg's are above 250. - the diastix
changes color up to about half way up.<<

The significance of ketones is that you don't have enough insulin and your 
body is using fat to make glucose, but cannot use the glucose because there 
isn't enough insulin. A vicious cycle. The by-product of fat burning is 
ketones, which will cause problems with your electrolyte balance and you are 
heading for ketoacidosis. This will raise the lower the pH of your blood 
affecting the ability of your blood to transport oxygen. You will lose 
potassium from your tissue cells, leading to muscle cramps, heart arrythmias, 
abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting, and dehydration. As your BGs climb 
from the lack of available insulin, you become even more dehydrated, and your 
kidneys work overtime trying to rid the bdy of waste products and the extra 
fluid load from the water leaving your cells trying to dilute the rising BG. 
The rising acidosis and lack of O2 to your brain causes a major headache and 
    There is more to this, but this is probably enough to encourage you to 
test for ketones when BGs are over 250 at least 2 times in a row. When in 
doubt, change it out (the set), and inject what is missing until you have a 
new set in place. Then troubleshoot any other potential causes of high BGs 
and ketones. On the pump, you don't have any long-acting insulin preventing  
or slowing down this process
   I apologize for the length, but I tried to abbreviate the pages and pages 
of physiology involved here.
Barbara B.
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