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Re: [IP] Re: damage from lows

> Jen was looking for factual evidence of damage from hypoglycemia.
> Relying on anecdotal evidence, hearsay, or to simply say "ymmv" is
> to equate rumors with research. The posts alleging damage from lows
> were the first time I've ever heard of this. I've always been
> curious to hear whether there's a relationship. IP is where I turn
> for the real deal. For the record, I've been fighting lows since
> 1991, and haven't noticed that I'm dumber than usual. -Peter

Well..... back in the dark ages of medicine, before shock therapy, 
they gave psych patients massive doses of insulin to induce "shock" 
and "cure" them. I imagine the neurological changes were due to the 
brain being deprived of glucose for an extended period of time. Since 
I'm not in the business (medical), I can't really say that was the 
reason, but I sure can't think of any other.

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