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Re: [IP] Rash

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello Pumpers!
>  I have had a rash from where my pump was in me.  When I would move it would
> really hurt me,so at McD's I took it out.  When i took it out the infusion
> part was bent.  Anyways,  Its all red,and rashy looking.  It also itches,and
> is peeling in that area.  I dont know if some of the insulin had leaked out
> and had a reaction on my skin,or what.  If anyone can be of some help,or
> knows what im talking about please let me know.  Thanks.

OK, this may have several causes. Many people find that MiniMed QR sets may
a rash. It isn't really the set itself so much as the small area of stickum 
each side of the needle on the little "wings". Many people leave the paper 
covers on them, or put down a barrier layer of tape before applying the QR.

Myself, I gave up on QRs as soon as I found a better kind of infusion set, 
the Chronimed Pureline Comfort, aka Disetronics Tender or (now) MiniMed 
Silhouette. Never had any problem with the tape o the base, the detach is 
a flat disk on the tape against the skin and it just works better.

Anyway, the bend infusion canula will always cause problems whenever it
happens. There are several causes of that problem too, most notably the
"straight down" design of QR sets. Comforts/Tenders/Silhouettes don't have
that problem since the Teflon canula goes in to the side of the base at
an angle you select, which can avoid hitting muscle below the intended fat
layer, a major cause of kinked canulas.

Gee, you'd think I like them or something..... <Grin>

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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