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[IP] Skin Prep and tape question

Hi, I am Bomba, I am a  Minimed 507 pumper. I am also a Native American
powwow dancer. I am needing some advise on which tape sticks  best. I am
out in the heat of the day, all day, on alot of weekends and I am wearing
buckskin and dancing. The heat is incredable. I normally use Smith and
Nephew Skin Prep and Sof-set infusion sets. I have also used IV Prep but I
can tell no difference in it and Skin Prep. I use the Sof-set Adhesive
Patch. I had absolutely no luck at all with the IV 3000 tape. I really need
some advise from those of you who have battled the heat and humidity with
your pump and won. If you do not want to tie up the list with replies,
please feel free to email me privately. What I really need is the stickiest
prep and the best tape to hold up in the heat. I appreciate any and all

Thank You,
Bomba <email @ redacted>
Type I  ( IDDM  32 of my 40 years of life)
507 MM Pumper

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