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Re: [IP] 313 upon waking

i'm guessing that your high bg's are in direct relation to your root 
canal.....probably have a good infection brewing.  when you say you ate tuna, 
was that in the form of a tuna salad, sandwich or something?  did you make it 
at home?  the reason i ask is...the tuna salads at a place such as Subway 
(sandwich shops)......are loaded with fat....and personally wreak havoc on my 
bg's for the entire day, even when i run a dual wave bolus.  couple that with 
one of those big sub buns and .........

stay well hydrated.....preferably water.....check for ketones, and keep 
checking through the day.  also......did you bolus before you changed your 
set?  or was that with an injection?  do you take any pain medicine for the 
RA?  it would be a good idea to take some.....i do suppose that the adrenalin 
produced by the discomfort could be a cause of the increased bg's.  keep 
drinking......recheck your ketones.....and as long as you stay well hydrated 
and have sufficient insulin in your body, you should recover on your own.  if 
not.......go to the ER, dehydration can happen so fast!

be well,
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