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Re: [IP]trace ketones 313 upon waking

> BGs are slowly coming down.now 347 down from 400 .I had trace ketones . I
> use the ketodiastixs and the sugar part read highest on the color
> chart..what does that mean? I know my meters are accurate..
> What a day..Have an awful headache and will this goof up my A1C?
> Ginny
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Well, both urine ketones and high urine sugar readings would be normal 
for a bg that high, if that's any comfort.  :-)

It does kinda sound like you're not getting insulin, for whatever
reason.  If it were me, I'd change the infusion set and check it for
leaks and clogs, and take a shot of Humalog to cover the high.  If you
aren't back to normal this afternoon, I'd maybe call your doctor.

The "standard" renal threshold, the point at which sugar starts
appearing in the urine, is 180, though it varies from person to
person.   If you were over 300 for any length of time, it wouldn't be
surprising to show urine sugars.

And if this is a single incident of less than 24 hrs, my guess is that
it wouldn't have a major negative impact on your A1c, especially if
you don't have the test done in the next 3 weeks or so.

Best of luck!!

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