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Re: [IP] 313 upon waking

tool my Bgs upon waking they were 313..I gave myself a bolus on a sliding
scale..changed my set up and just took my BG and now they are 400. I don't
feel this high this time.
I already gave myself insulin..so not what do I do? Never had this happen
Will drinking alot of water help? I don't dare exercise..but I will walk
around inside the house.
I don't have a fever..but I had a root canal last week and the tooth was
Cannot go outside today because of smog healh warnings. I had oatmeal for
breakfast..maybe I shouldn;t have eaten it? I only had tuna last night.no
I do appear to be having a flare of RA (arthritis ) and am in alot of pain.
I don't dare drive with BGs this high..
I am stumped-ideas appreciated. tomorrow my root canal gets finished.
Some days just do not make sense.

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