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Re: Ketones, was Re: [IP] Keytones

David C Breeden wrote:
> This same absolute lack of insulin will also mean high blood sugars,
> but not, so far as I know, vice versa.  That is, if you're lacking
> insulin, you'll have high blood sugars and will also start to break
> down fat and produce ketones.  BUT, if you have high blood sugar, you
> may still have enough insulin to keep your body going (though not
> enough to metabolize all the glucose in your bloodstream), so you may
> not produce ketones.

Exactly right, which is why Type 2's can run quite high BGs and NOT go
into ketoacidosis. However, that doesn't mean extremely high BGs aren't
life-threatening for a Type 2 -- they can go into a dehydration state
which leads to coma and is more likely to kill than DKA.  
> I don't think that the relationship between bg and ketones is
> exponential, necessarily.

Actually, there is NO relation between ketones and BGs -- there is
something called starvation ketosis, where the BGs are totally normal,
and alcoholic ketoacidosis, where the BGs are only slightly above
normal. Both of these conditions are associated with starvation -- and
alcohol only makes starvation worse!

The reason ketones are dangerous for a Type 1 is because they indicate
lack of insulin, and mean that the person might be headed for
ketoacidosis, and that can kill, or create an unpleasant hospital stay
at the very least! So I would be cautious if a test showed moderate or
large ketones -- mightn't hurt to get in touch with your doc and keep on
top of the situation! 
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