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[IP] non diabetic hypos

Brian wrote that his mom is hyposglucemic and:

> she tries to avoid the "fast" sugar foods as those seem to 
> raise her then drop her real low. 

that is good to hear...she is probably in better control of her disease than 
are most hypoglycemics...or those who "claim" it as an excuse to eat all 
kinds of garbage.  Once they are educated, as is Brian's mom, they realize 
that IF they eat those sugary, empty calorie foods, then they tend to crash 
again later....YES they are having the same shaky icky feeling we have we go 
hypo and tend to grab the first sugar laden thing they can...amd they can get 
on the same roller coaster as we can.

This is why they say "Snickers Really Satisfied."  First you get that initial 
RUSH of the sugar and an almost immediate rise in bg...then the slower action 
of the more complex carbs, plus the protein from the nuts and finally the 
fat...truly, it DOES, in a warped way, make SENSE to eat a Snickers rather 
than. say, no fat Skittles, or plain old hard candy...You don't shoot way up 
(which, in a normal person causes more insulin to be released, and in us 
makes us take a high bolus), AND it stays active in the blood for a while, 
keeping the body on a more even keel.  This is why they suggest that we treat 
our lows with juice/dex tabs first...and then eat something with a little 
more complex carb plus some protein...

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