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Re: [IP] an extra Meter = free meter

Brian, Fifty50 pharmacy will usually give a free meter of most brands, if
you order a few hundred strips.
I just got a new Elite XL (very nice by the way).  No need to mess with the
meter companies.  The people on the phone there are really nice, will bill
insurance drectly  with little fuss, also sell pump infusion sets, and then
donate half their profits to diabetes research.  Not bad, I say.

>>>>>>>>Hi all just something to throw  to the group.. I was talking with
someone ICQ today and they were telling me  about how they
called a meter company and they could not get a free meter no
matter how much they test.. i figured this strange and i thought i
could help so while taking with him i called the company and had
him a meter (the newest one in their line) in the mail 10 minutes.
and all it cost me was an old meter that was acting as a dust cover
for the shelf.  they would not take his as a trade in because they
were the same brand, but if he would of got rebates in the mail he
still would of had to pay.
now to the point..  I think we should all do this for each other..
NEVER PAY AGAIN..  I know some companies will send one for
free anyway but if you run across that one company  try this..
Brian Carter>>>>>>>>>

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