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Re: [IP] alcoholic beverages????

Peg, i have  a bottle of beer pretty much every dinner.  Most beers have 12
- 16 g cho, so i just bolus an extra unit per beer.  Wines are more
variable, since their sugar content varies a lot.  A glass of red wine is
about the same as  a beer, and those lovely dessert wines have even more.
Dry champagne is a diabetic's delight since it has almost no cho.   Alcohol
by itself can lead to a slightly lower BG, but the effect is not very
great, and it's rare to be taking in nothing but pure alcohol.   A few
pretzels will more than compensate for any potential BG lowering effect.

<<<<<Dear Pumpers,
I am curious do any of you out there enjoy an occasional beer, glass of wine,
or champagne?
How do you handle bolusing for alcoholic beverages?  I need some
Thanks!  Peg>>>>>>>>>

Wayne Mitzner
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The Johns Hopkins University
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