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[IP] What's wrong with this syringe?

Hi everyone,
This morning I was preparing Erica's insulin mix  :-)  and when I went
to cycle the syringe MM, it was impossible to pull back the plunger (for
lack of a better word).  I took off the protective cap thinking that
somehow that was causing a vacuum but it still wouldn't work.  Then I
gave a HUGE yank, it budged, and a small amount of fluid and bubbles
were drawn into the syringe.
Now, remember, I was only cycling the syringe so there was absolutely no
insulin anywhere near the thing.  I am thinking it is the lubricant and
it must have been gummed into the neck or needle....what do you think?
I will call Minimed later to see if they want it returned.  I don't pay
for it so that is not the issue, but they may want to see what the
problem was.

Barb...Erica's mom who loves pumping, hates hormones <grin>

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