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Re: Ketones, was Re: [IP] Keytones

> "Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi everyone,
> > 
> > Would someone be kind enough to tell me of the significance of the presence
> > of keytones. I can always detect them when bg's are above 250. - the diastix
> > changes color up to about half way up.
> > 
> >  I'm not above 250 more than once in, say 10 days and then not for very
> > long, are they dangerous at this interval?
> Ketones are the result of your body breaking down your fat for energy. 
> If on a weight loss diet slight ketones are OK, if trying to be a stable
> diabetic, especially a Type 1 they are warnings of danger.
> For 1 thing, ketones are very strong solvents which are destructive if
> present in the body in large quantities. They are what actually klls 
> diabetics in ketoacidosis caused coma. Think of it this way, ketones
> are used in industry to strip paint and do heavy duty cleanup when 
> nothing else works.....so I doubt we want too much in us.
> > There seems to be a exponential relationship between bg's and keytones - is
> > this correct?
> Not sure, but sounds plausible.
> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted
> ----------------------------------------------------------


Ketones in the urine are an indicator of an absolute lack of insulin.
It means that your body can no longer use glucose for energy, and has
instead started breaking down fats for energy.  Ketones are a
byproduct of fat metabolism.

This same absolute lack of insulin will also mean high blood sugars,
but not, so far as I know, vice versa.  That is, if you're lacking
insulin, you'll have high blood sugars and will also start to break
down fat and produce ketones.  BUT, if you have high blood sugar, you
may still have enough insulin to keep your body going (though not
enough to metabolize all the glucose in your bloodstream), so you may
not produce ketones.

I don't think that the relationship between bg and ketones is
exponential, necessarily.

So far as I know, ketones are dangerous because they throw off the pH
(a measure of acidity) of the blood stream.  That's why diabetic comas
are known as "ketoacidosis."

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