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Re: [IP] In the heat?

i haven't myself put the humalog to the test in the sun......but i have 
disconnected for up to 1 1/2 hrs.....then rechecked my blood sugar to bolus 
as needed.  i know it cannot take extreme temps as any insulin can't, but 
would also like some feedback on the subject.

as for the sex....... ;)...........any warm blooded human being is somewhat 
self conscious the first time they whip off their clothes in front of their 
mate with their INSULIN PUMP SITE showing in plain view ....lol.........i've 
been pumping for almost 3 months and don't even remember it's there anymore.  
(however, i have the most understanding, supportive, amazing husband on the 
face of this earth ;)

good luck!
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