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Re: [IP] alcoholic beverages????

I use figures I got from a Carb Counting booklet I was given a couple of 
years ago that is published by Minimed.  The values seem to work well for me 
and perhaps they will help you figure out how much to bolus.  Beer (12 oz) -  
Miller Lite - 2.5 gm, Michelob Lite - 12.5 gm, and Regular Beer - 15 gm.  For 
mixed drinks (6 oz) - Bloody Mary - 6 gm, Screwdriver - 16 gm, Margarita 
(8oz) - 30 gm.  Wines -  Chardonnay (6 oz) - 0, Red Wine (6 oz) - 0, 
Champagne, brut (4 oz) - 3.5 gm, Zinfandel (6 oz) - 4.5 gm, and Dessert 
Wines, Muscatel (6 oz) - 18 gm.  

I have only tried the values for the wines, but they work just fine.  I have 
a glass of wine every evening and although my nurse educator told me not to 
count any carbs for alcohol, I found that I have to use these figures in 
order to cover the wine.  By the way, the Miller Lite figure is not a 
misprint (unless it is misprinted in the Minimed booklet)--it really does say 
only 2.5 !!!  They also indicate that mixed drinks may vary depending on 
ingredients, etc.
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