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Re: [IP] Pre-pubertal "protection"

    What is so frustrating about this perception is that far too many ped 
endos subscribe to it so thoroughly that they scoff at a parent's request for 
a 24 hour urine screening on a child. Such a simple, relatively inexpensive 
test could detect the onset of protein in the urine for example and dictate 
the need for ACE inhibitors. The old adage about kidney problems not 
developing for 15-20 years was due to NOT looking for them earlier. By the 
time the problems surfaced, the kidney was only partially functioning from 
the gradual erosion that had occurred in the preceding years IN THOSE SO 
PREDISPOSED!!! I purposely put that in caps, because it bears repeating that 
the majority of diabetics will have the "luck of the draw" & appear to remain 
unscathed.....Too bad we can't all "plug into" the Psychic Friends Network to 
know who is or isn't so predisposed!......

Regards, Renee
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