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[IP] Pre-pubertal "protection"

The myth that children with DM are somehow protected from complications
is just that, a myth -- however, widely believed in the medical
community. I've seen it in print in several magazines.

The myth probably arises because most children haven't had DM LONG
enough to develop complications -- so you don't usually see retinopathy,
for example, in young children. 

When you read about young Type 1's in their 20's and 30's dying from
kidney disease or heart disease, the fact is that the BASIS for those
complications began in childhood -- even if it wasn't readily apparent
at that time.

Think about it -- Type 2's start getting complications about 10 years
out from onset -- well, 10 years out from onset for someone who
developed diabetes at the age of say, 6 or 8 or 10 is 16 or 18 or 20 --
guess what -- after onset of puberty!!

I do understand the need for running higher BGs in babies and very small
children, because they can't reliably tell you when they're low, and
there is the risk of damaging the rapidly developing brain, but in an
older child, I think tighter control is warranted. 

I don't necessarily blame the individual endo who quoted this myth,
because it's SO common, but if I were the parent, I'd either hash it out
with him, or go elsewhere for my child's care!
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