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Re: [IP] Discouraged

     I assume you were referring to Melissa about the ace inhibitors, so I 
feel I should qualify your comments a bit.  I just returned from the JDF 
annual conference & interestingly enough, the theory of children & 
adolescents having some inherent "protection" WAS definitely stated by the 
leading researchers. This statement was in response to a general question as 
to why EVERY diabetic wasn't put on ACE inhibitors, if they are proving to be 
so incredibly beneficial. The response given was that a) the younger kids 
seem to have this protection until their mid-teens and b) if statistically 
30-40 % of all diabetics will develop complications ( i.e. kidney), then that 
still implies that 60-70% WON'T!!!....Therefore, the prudent course of action 
is to SCREEN for potential warning signs & then INTERVENE prophyllactically. 
The statistics on the ACE inhibitors were VERY impressive, as were the newly 
emerging indications that these meds. are also proving beneficial for staving 
off retinopathy and heart problems.  I realize this is small comfort to Sara 
and others on this Insulin Pumpers e-mail circuit who have already 
encountered complications. The chairman of JDF, John McDonough (who spoke 
before Congress this winter with his diabetic daughter Allison) spoke 
eloquently & passionately about the need to accelerate the research funding 
because, despite having always had excellent control & being very compliant, 
he sadly had to have his leg amputated a year ago, after 57 years of being 
diabetic. The researchers also talked of "rapid progressors" and "slow 
progressors" as yet another feature which separates those who will or will 
NOT proceed to serious complications. As for Melissa's truly aberrant history 
of such high protein in her urine, one of the top nephropathy researchers 
from Australia told me directly that it sounded like she had "leaky kidneys" 
(since she had trace protein prior to diagnosis) & that given that 
predisposition, the diabetes exacerbated an already existing condition. 
Nonetheless, whatever the genesis of her problem, undeniably the ACE 
inhibitors DID reduce the protein "leakage" by 80%!!!
    I'll post additional info I gleaned later in the week, since I'm still 
jet-lagged. Sorry I couldn't get to meet you Michael, but this was a WORKING 
"vacation", complete with starting my day at 7:00 am, breakfasting with 
renowned researchers and other JDF volunteers & then sitting through sessions 
until dinnertime!!!....Haven't used this many brain cells since graduate 
school many, many years ago!!! LOL

Regards, Renee
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