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RE: [IP] Shoulder Problems


Shoulder problems (particularly adhesive capsulitis, or 'frozen shoulder')
are very common in diabetics.  Such problems need to be diagnosed and
treated by an orthopedist; your endocrinologist may not know too much about

I know from experience that it can get worse and worse until you can no
longer sleep properly (every time you roll onto it in your sleep, you wake
up in excruciating pain).

In my case, physical therapy did not correct the problem, but a procedure
called "manipulation under anaesthesia" (which is non-invasive,
incidentally) did.  My shoulder has been pain-free for over two years since
having this 10-minute procedure performed.

Here is one of the better sites that I've seen for shoulder information:

Sometimes these problems go away by themselves, but sometimes (like in my
case) they just get worse and worse (even with physical therapy).  I would
urge your mom to go see an orthopedist for diagnosis in any event.


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