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Re: [IP] Shoulder Problems

At 12:59 PM 6/8/1999  Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:
 >The doctor told her that a
 >lot of diabetics have shoulder problems.  And did nothing else.
 >My question is...is this another case of "diabetes" causes everything?
 >Or is it a diabetic related problem with no treatment available.  My
 >gut reaction was to tell her to go to another doctor just to be sure.
 >I did tell her that she should question any doctors evaluation if
 >it didn't seem right.  She however seems content with his evaluation.

If it is frozen shoulder she will start to have a limited range of motion 
without pain. As an example, I have trouble putting my arm behind my back, 
or making quick moves with my right arm. Once it is examined by an 
Orthopedic specialist, they can help it with physical therapy (if you keep 
stretching and moving it, you can sometimes gradually help yourself over a 
number of months). More serious cases may require cortisone shots and/or 

Also, if you have it in one shoulder, you are more likely to get it 
eventually in the other shoulder too. I had it in my left side a few years 


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