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Re: [IP] Discouraged

Don't be discouraged I wish you were here.  My endo sees his pt. as needed I 
see him once a month as some of my complications require aalmost constant 
supervision.  he does not tell me about complications but how I can avoid 
them.  He is very understanding of my faults and my little victories.  He ahs 
a full staff of dieticians, educators, and pump trainers.  
Perhaps your son needs a new doctor. My doctor would not hesitate to offer 
the pump if your son showed signs of trying to improve his control. 
I see my endo once a mo.  and if I really do well once every two months but I 
attend his diabetic classes offfered by his staff at least twice a month and 
he has a Q & A sesion every third thursday. 
Good luck to you and your son. Penguinie and I are pulling for you.
Don and educated Penguinie. O-
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