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Re: [IP] Discouraged

email @ redacted wrote:
> I wrote a few weeks ago about visits to the doctor.  My 15 year old son had
> had his appointment changed twice (he hasn't been to his endo since November)
> and I wondered how often everyone saw their endos.  Well, he had his
> appointment yesterday.  No lab or urine tests- just an A1c (7.8).  We
> discussed the pump, but for now Josh is changing his regimen from three
> shots/day of Lente and Humalog to four shots/day of Ultralente and Humalog.
> Supposedly, after one month of this he can get a pump.  I am getting
> discouraged because just when I think it is going to work out, something else
> is standing in the way.  The doctor did have a long discussion with Josh
> about tightening up his control because he is rapidly approaching the age
> where complications start showing up. 

OK, so why does he favor a lack of control based on continuing shots
rather than what has been shown to WORK for us???? Doctor needs his head 

 He said kids and adolescents seem to
> have natural protection, but after they are mature they really need to have
> tight control or they will start seeing complications.  

He sure is full of malarkey, isn't he? 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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