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Re:[IP] Shoulder Problems


Whether your Mom has sustained an injury to her shoulder from playing
golf, or is suffering from a frozen shoulder, she needs to see an
orthopedic specialist.

I don't know why, but diabetics seem to have a high incidence of
"Frozen Shoulder" ...or "Adhesive Capsulitis" as it is called in
medical circles.  I suffered from frozen shoulder for almost two years
before I finally got a diagnosis and began physical therapy.

At one point, I saw a little blurb in the ADA Forecast that said
Diabetics seemed to sufer from "Frozen Shoulder" at a rate higher than
the general population.  I took the page to my endo, who looked at it
for a second, wadded up the paper, threw it away and said "That's not
what you have"....well, I did.

We can't diagnose what is wrong with your Mom's shoulder.  But no
matter what it is, she should see someone that will check it out

When my endo didn't take it seriously...I let it pass and thought he
should know...well, he didn't and I paid the price.  Even tho physical
therapy helped a great deal, I did lose some range of motion.

Encourage your Mom to see a specialist!

~Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed Pump!!!

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