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[IP] Shoulder Problems

I have a question.  My mother-in-law is a type-1 diabetic who has 
had DM for 24 years.  Recently she had some discomfort in her 
shoulder and mentioned it to her endo at her latest appointment.
She plays golf 2 or 3 times a week during the spring and summer,
and thought it was a golf injury.  The doctor told her that a
lot of diabetics have shoulder problems.  And did nothing else.
My question is...is this another case of "diabetes" causes everything?
Or is it a diabetic related problem with no treatment available.  My
gut reaction was to tell her to go to another doctor just to be sure.
I did tell her that she should question any doctors evaluation if 
it didn't seem right.  She however seems content with his evaluation.
Maybe I am just over reacting.

Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan		

(Dxd 1980, age 4)
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