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Re: [IP] Hypo's in Non-Diabetic Individuals

At 09:12 PM 6/7/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Some people do suffer from hypoglycemia. it is normal for some
 >(like my mother) she checks her BG when she does not feel good
 >then eats something.  she tries to avoid the "fast" sugar foods as
 >those seem to raise her then drop her real low.  i would just let the
 >Dr. know and keep checking the sugars when he feels that way.

Before I became a real diabetic, I used to suffer low-BG symptoms when I 
was hungry (shaky and dizzy). I assume that I had hypoglycemia back then. 
This started at age 25 to age 37, when I changed labels and became a 
card-carrying diabetic instead.


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