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[IP] Pump Supplies Shipped in Summer

Today I received a UPS shipment of tubing and reservoirs.  I was home
when the package came and immediately brought it inside.  The
temperature here today is in the upper 80's, and I noticed as I
unpacked the box that everything felt very warm...almost as though it
had been in an oven.

I began pumping last July, and picked up my first three month's
supplies at the Pharmacy.  I get my insulin at a local Pharmacy.  I
really haven't given any thought to what exposure to heat will do to my
MiniMed goodie box.

Will heat cause the lubricant in the reservoir to deteriorate?  Can
heat cause occlusions in the tubing?
I was just wondering....has anyone experienced any problems with tubing
and reservoirs shipped in hot weather?  

>From an eternally wondering Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed Pump!

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