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Re: [IP] alcoholic beverages????

On 8 Jun 99, at 13:48, David C Breeden wrote:

> > 
> > Dear Pumpers,
> > I am curious do any of you out there enjoy an occasional beer, glass of
> > wine, or champagne?  How do you handle bolusing for alcoholic beverages?
> >  I need some advice/info... Thanks!  Peg
> > 
> Hi Peg,
> I drink wine almost daily, and beer and sparkling iwne on occasion.
> For dry wines, sparkling or not, I don't bolus for them.  I haven't
> normally bolused for beers either, though I suppose I would for a
> Guiness.

Depending on the Alcohol some have vary little carbs and the 
alcohol (atleast on me) seems to have the rebound effect i may go 
up some but i'll come streight down sometimes lower than i like..  if 
their is a certain drink you are wondering about let me know and i'll 
see if i can get you the carb info..  (i will soon be adding Alcohol to 
my website depending on time).

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