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[IP] Tubing Lengths

From: Susan K <email @ redacted> 
> I am curious to know what lengths of tubing people
> prefer... 

Susan....I use the 43" tubing and I am very happy with it.  I've only
used the short tubing once, when I first started pumping, and it was ok
but I prefer the longer tubing.

I need bifocals, and I really am going to get them....one of these
days...so for now, when I pull my pump out of the front of my frock, I
sometimes have to hold it at arm's length to be able to see the
screen....and I have long arms.  The 43" tubing is perfect for me.

It's been my observation that whatever you start using first is going
to be the thing you are the most comfortable with.  Whatever length you
chose, you're going to love pumping!

~Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed Pump!!!

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