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Re [IP] pump in bra & [IP] where to put it

First, regarding Lisa Horstman's response to my post.....yup, I'm a
tart alright...a SweetTart!  But hopefully, when I get this Humalog in
the pump thing worked out....I won't be so sweet anymore!  I just hope
I never become a SourTart! LOL :-D

Second, regarding Pumpin' Peg's response to same post...  >>>>>> hey!! 
here's my pump in bra: oIIo <<<<  LOL bigtime!  I would send an example
of how my pump looks....but if we don't straighten up and fly
right....Michael's going to give us a stern talking to.

We may be getting "Off Color" but at least we aren't "Off Topic."

~Janet Marie who just loves her MiniMed Pump & Pumper's List too!
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