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[IP] Now I'm Worried

Jan wrote: 

> I'm not into lying and don't have any respect for others who do -- or 
> who would want me to. That rep, IMO, has a really bad character 
> defect. How do you know that you can trust what she tells you?

well, I don't condone lying either, but it would not be a lie for him to tell 
insurance "My A1C was 12.2"  That is NOT a lie.  If this little omission of 
the 2nd a1c test enables him to get the pump and continue his fabulous 
control, as well as live a next to normal lifestyle, then I think the rep was 
HELPING him.  Sure she wants to make a sale, so she may be financially 
motivated to have him "lie."  But dont we, as the collective, think that pump 
therapy is the best thing for most of us (not all...), and that the right to 
CHOOSE to pump ought to be our own...unfortunately, as we are constantly 
reminded, insurance companies don't always think in our best interests, and 
might tell him "no pump - you don't need it."

Besides an A1c of 5.9 following one of 12.2 doesnt necessarily mean excellent 
control.  I'd like to see what his NEXT one is and the next one after that to 
see what the consistency is.  I know without a pump, I was cCONSISTENTLY 
inconsistent...ranging from 8s to 16s!!!  On the pump I am CONSISTENTLY in 
the 6s to 9s range.  With this person's new acquisition of the disease, 
perhaps he is having a lot of lows he doesnt know how to properly adjust for 
and that is driving his A1C down...that doesnt necessarily mean better 
contorl as is afforded by a pump.  Perhaps if he were to give both numbers to 
the insurance and showed what the  5 month range was, they would see the 
necessity to help  bring some balance to bg levels 

but no...I do't think it was lying

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