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[IP] Discouraged

I wrote a few weeks ago about visits to the doctor.  My 15 year old son had 
had his appointment changed twice (he hasn't been to his endo since November) 
and I wondered how often everyone saw their endos.  Well, he had his 
appointment yesterday.  No lab or urine tests- just an A1c (7.8).  We 
discussed the pump, but for now Josh is changing his regimen from three 
shots/day of Lente and Humalog to four shots/day of Ultralente and Humalog.  
Supposedly, after one month of this he can get a pump.  I am getting 
discouraged because just when I think it is going to work out, something else 
is standing in the way.  The doctor did have a long discussion with Josh 
about tightening up his control because he is rapidly approaching the age 
where complications start showing up.  He said kids and adolescents seem to 
have natural protection, but after they are mature they really need to have 
tight control or they will start seeing complications.  I thought it was also 
related to how long a person had been diagnosed regardless of age.   Anyway, 
one final thought about medical personnel and diabetes.  I am an RN and I 
will admit I knew very little about diabetes until my son was diagnosed 8 
years ago (and I am still learning).  Oh yeah, we learned about it in nursing 
school, but other than Type I and Type II, insulin shots, long term 
complications, etc. I really didn't know much about day to day living with 
D...and I sure didn't know anything about pumps.   The first one I saw was in 
an ad in Diabetes Forecast.
Annette   (discouraged right now)  :-(  
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