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Re: [IP] Feeling Low

"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:

> I use a FastTake, does this mean this instrument is not to be relied upon?

Fast Take is about as good as any of the others.  It does have the quirk that if
you bend the strip it will alter the results.  Otherwise, it is every bit as
reliable as all the other meters which basically means that they are reliable
much of the time, but not exact (there's a variablity rate I can't remember but
your meter booklet will tell you what it is).  What that means is that if you do
5 tests from the same blood they will vary (on all meters) by as much as 30 or
40 points.  They shouldn't vary more than that though and most of the time the
variation should be less.  Generally, when in doubt, test again.

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