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[IP] Hypo's in Non-Diabetic Individuals

I have a question that I hope someone may have an answer to.....

Is it normal for people who are NOT diabetic to have low blood sugar??

My 12 year old son (who is not diabetic), came up to me tonight and said he 
was feeling bad and thought he might be having low blood sugar.  Since I am 
diabetic and on insulin, I have taught him the signs and symptoms to watch 
for with both High Blood Sugar and Low Blood Sugar.  He said he felt shaky, 
weak, and nauseas (sp?).

I tested his blood and his BG was 55.  I gave him a stick of hard candy and 
40 mins later his BG was up to 100.   What I can't figure out is why he had 
the low reading in the first place.  He did not skip meals today, and he 
didn't exercise any more than he normally does.  At dinner, (3 hours before 
the low BG), he ate 5 slices of pizza and drank 2 sodas (regular).  

Should I continue checking his blood on a regular basis?  Everyday? 
Everyother day?...

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