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Re: [IP] Feeling Low

"email @ redacted (Whitaker; Paul)" <email @ redacted> wrote:

My endo told me you can feel low if your sugar drops quickly, even it does
not drop in the "hypo" range.  Also remember that other things can cause
very similar feelings to hypo.	I've found that too much caffene can do it
(I love diet mountain dew).  I have also found that when an alergy acts I
feel hypo.  Thank goodness for meters.


>Hi everyone,
>As I'm still new at this I have a question: Is it normal to 'feel' low, ie

>shaky etc. at different bg's. For example, right now, (12:30) I'm at 85
>feel very shaky, but at other times I don't have this effect until the low

>60's, (I don't go there very often).

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