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Re: [IP] Now I'm Worried

>So, can the insurance company override my Endo? Also, if I tell them the
>higher AC1 and then find out later by some means that I had withheld a
>number from them, can they demand the pump back, saying I got under false

Your insurance company might be different, but mine has a rule that you have
to keep your A1Cs below 9 for at least 1 year leading up to getting the
pump.  It might be even longer then that but I know it is a min. of at least
one year.  However, if the doctor says go...the insurance company usually
follows.  If not tell them you will fax them your bg information everyday
until they change their decision. :-)

As for the numbers, DON'T LIE!  It is a very bad thing to lie to the
insurance company.  People get in lots of trouble for doing that.  You are
better off just being persistant about getting the pump and having your endo
on board.

Hope that helps.

-- Sherry

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