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Re: [IP] What are the odds....

If you truly need odds, I can tell you what I was told.  However I learned
this in a discussion group during the National Diabetes Youth Conference in
1993. So take it with a grain of salt:

I was told that if one parent was type 1:   6-7%  chance per child
                        if both parents were type1: 13% change per child

I would assume that if there is a family history on one side or the other
that the %s would be affected a little.  But that is the math major in me
talking.  I don't know how accurate those numbers are, and frankly, I don't
think diabetes is so debilitating that it would be worth not bringing a
child into this world.  I was diagnosed at age 4 and I don't think it has
ruined my life.

-- Sherry
( who just tripped over the soap box)
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Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 9:38 PM
Subject: [IP] What are the odds....

>Hi fellow pumpers
>This is not exactly a pump related question but I know there is a lot of
>info out there....
>I am a type 1 pumper age 36 and have had diabetes since age 8.  Seven
>mos ago my then 21 mos old daughter was diagnosed.  We are now trying to
>make the decision whether to have child number two.  Part of me says we
>ought not to think about the odds of diabetes and just get on with it,
>but part is worried about bringing another diabetic into our family.
>I believe the odds of having a child with diabetes, when the father is a
>diabetic, is 7 -9%.  Is anyone aware of  what the odds are with dad as a
>diabetic, a daughter as a diabetic and diabetes may be in my wife's
>family (her cousin was recently diagnosed at age 13).  Is anyone aware
>of any research or info on this topic?
>Thanks for your input.......  Craig
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