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[IP] Feeling Low - Part 2

Hello again,

I don't know what's been going on today with me, but the 'lows' got steadily
worse all day. Driving back from CT to Philly I had to take 3 tabs and
before eating tonight at home I was back down to 55

So, what I'm going to do I'm sure no one will agree with, but this low
feeling for so long is horrible. Tonight I have not taken any Humalog to
cover my dinner, (two ham sandwiches & milk), neither the NPH for the night.
Already bg's have gone up to 284, 3 hours after eating. So, my thought is,
if I allow bg's to go high during the night this 'low' feeling will be gone
in the morning, then I will take an appropriate amount of Humalog in the
morning to bring me back 'down' to normal. This must be the 'roller coaster'
I keep hearing about, if it is, then it's a first for me.

Has anyone else, been so frustrated and needed to resort to measures like


PS   I consider myself reprimanded as I'm sure I will be!
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